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Buccaneer Fleet 15

Fleet 15 is intended to support the growth of the Buccaneer 18 sailboat in Wisconsin. The boat was originally built by the Chrysler Corporation in the late 1960s, and continues to be produced today by Nickel’s Boatworks.

The buccaneer 18 is a one design boat that is 18 feet long. The boat is an excellent racing boat, but also has a large cockpit so there is enough room to take 6 adults out day sailing.

Fleet 15 includes the Buccaneer sailors of Wisconsin, Eastern Minnesota, and the UP of Michigan. Our Fleet initially started in the 1970s in Pewaukee, WI.

The buccaneer 18 is a fun, and agile boat to sail. The events are nothing but fun, and well organized racing events. The atmosphere at the racing events is relaxed, and the people involved are a great asset for new racers to learn the art.

The National Buccaneer 18 Class Association can be found at

Fleet 15 Membership requires membership in the 
National Buccaneer 18 Class Association, and then notification of the Fleet representatives.