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March Mainsheet 2021

 | Published on 3/23/2021


Hope springs eternal. Its that time of year, and especially this year I am sure we all are hoping for some normalcy in our boating, at the club, and in our lives in general. There is some good news to buoy up our hopes. The Club has received another Covid relief PPP grant of over $35,000 which will be used to cover payroll as we hire more employees for the busy summer season. That should give us a good cushion to have a profitable summer. Thanks to V.C. Deb Strouf and Rear Commodore Joyce Rinehart for spearheading that. Deb and manager Jenn Miller have created a budget based on past performance and industry standards which was well received by the Galley Committee and the board. While dependent on the whims of Covid-19, the weather, and the buying public, it gives us a great tool to monitor our restaurant’s performance and react quickly to these whims. Also, we have negotiated way down and paid off our debt to our former accountants – thanks to Treasurer Eric Routman’s help on that.

As I have mentioned before, we need to get out of survival mode and start being proactive on building the club’s future success. Our restaurant needs to be at the forefront of a rebounding hospitality scene and we need to capitalize on our great location. In order to do that we need to get our name and brand out there and make sure our building and grounds and product are attractive to a resurging market. We are finalizing plans to work with local marketing professionals and use the support provided by our major vendor, U.S. Foods. Our gravel patio area off the deck is again washed out and needs a permanent fix that is level and attractive. We are looking at some bids for concrete as that seems the most maintenance free and doable.

We hope to see a resurgence of member activity and involvement. In spite of the small increase in dues, we have to count on members to help keep them low in the future. I hope you’ll all help us by volunteering and promoting our club. We plan to develop a project list that needs to be started very soon especially in membership retention and recruitment, finances, and clean up and remodeling, so I hope we have a great member meeting May 7. One cleanup day before Blessing of the Fleet probably will not do it. Along with the work, I hope to see more involvement again in our social activity scene. Some of our great events in addition to the Blessing in the works are a combined Cinco de Derby and May Fool’s regatta. Enjoy March Madness down at the club - there might even be a Sweet Sixteen pool or two floating around.

Ron Otto, Commodore

Ron Otto

Upcoming Events

  • Next KYC Membership Meeting is Wednesday April 7th @ 7:00pm
    • This will be a video meeting.

  • "Mixed Nuts" meets every Wednesday 3:00pm at the KYC Bar. Come share a story, a drink and some comradery.

Board Members

Commodore Ron Otto
Vice Commodore Deb Strouf
Rear Commodore Joyce Rinehart
Secretary Lee Rosenbaum
Treasurer Eric Routman
Trustee Jim Strouf
Trustee Flori Ventura
Trustee Dan Newman
House Director Jim Pappas
Past Commodore Robert Rinehart


  • Dock & Derrick(Doug Vacarello)
    • If the weather permits we will launch boats for those who are silly enough to do this on some weekend in April, so get them ready.
    • The big fenders will be put back in this month.
    • We will turn the water on when there is no danger of freezing.
    • See you on the dock.

      thanks, Doug

  • Sailboat Racing(John Weiss)
    • We held our preseason preparation meeting on the first Saturday of the month, I’d like to thank everybody that attended. We’re looking forward to a great season which will kick off in early May with the April fools regatta, one month later so I guess this is the May fools regatta??

      The schedule is posted on the KYC website and the main focus now is for us to get the boats ready to be put in the water - so finish reading this newsletter and get back to work on your boat!!

    • We have aMail Group for KYC sailboat racing
    • To register, go to
      You have to opt-in to this list if you’d like to receive email updates specific to KYC sailboat racing. You can choose to receive individual posts or daily digests, etc. You can also unsubscribe.This Group will provide information on KYC racing topics.


Membership Dues:
We are in membership renewal season and you will be receiving reminders in your email.

Please note if you have a RETIERED Membership and wish to renew, please let Lee know as you will not be able to renew on your
Below are the current membership rates including tax.
  • Full Membership: $390.35
  • Social Membership: $211
  • Retired Membership: $292.76
  • Corporate Membership: $717.40
As always your prompt or early renewal would be most appreciated.

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Good Winds: (by: Joyce Rinehart)


  • We sent our wishes for continued healing to our Trustee, Flori Ventura. We are thinking of you Flori.
  • It was sad to hear of the passing of Ralph and Mary Ruffolo son-in-law, Paul Lazaris. Ralph and Mary, we send you and your family our thoughts and sympathy.
  • We send our wishes for continued healing to Christine Clouse following a recent hospital stay.
  • There have been some beautiful weather days in the last couple of weeks and we look forward to uncovering and preparing our boats for the upcoming boating season!
  • A reminder to all members that our Bar and Restaurant continue to be open. Your support is much appreciated and essential right now.

If you or someone you know of is in need of some Good Winds, please let me know. We do acknowledge celebrations as well as difficult times in our member's lives.Joyce can be reached atgoodwinds@kenoshayachtclub.comor 262-945-9183


Joyce Rinehart

Letter From The Editor


The snow is gone from the dock. The snow is gone from the dock!!!
That can mean only one thing. It's time to start getting your boats ready to be splashed.
There has already been some activity down on the docks as members try to remember what needs to be done to get their boats in ship shape.
Remember to be careful on those ladders and please take your garbage home with you.
Sailor's Funny:
Tidal flow that carries a boat away from its desired destination, or toward a hazard.

Smooth Sailing -
Lee Rosenbaum