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February Mainsheet 2021

 | Published on 2/22/2021


Greetings to all, especially our new members. The End is Near! And since I’m talking about our wintery blast for February and maybe some light at the end of the Covid tunnel – I hope we all see some return to normalcy soon. Many of our older members have been getting their shots and Wisconsin and Kenosha seems to be doing pretty well with supply compared to some.

We are using some of our Covid relief money to keep the restaurant open and paying salaries – that was the whole purpose in taking it. The Galley committee and Jen Miller have been working hard to keep some continuity and build momentum towards the summer. Hopefully you’ve seen and been able to take advantage of some of the special things they are trying. Currently there are some takeout specials for Kenosha Restaurant Week. I’m looking forward to seeing more members out and about – I’d like to get some March Madness pools going and then start enjoying our beautiful outside space as the weather turns in April.

There will of course be some work to be done to get it back in shape. As has been discussed at meetings recently, we need to have a good summer to get us out of our austerity mode and start being proactive about our infrastructure – being ready to repair, replace, and remodel, particularly our gravel area, building attractiveness and signage. We must invest in marketing ourselves and our restaurant better and probably need some professional help in that area.
Everyone’s backing and ideas are always needed. While a successful restaurant and Sailing Center may attract more people and keep our dues reasonable, as a volunteer, social organization our continued success depends on an active and committed membership. I have suggested if you are financially weathering the pandemic well, you might give some of your Covid relief money (or unused vacation money) to help us keep our corner of the harbor and city a vibrant place. The offer still stands for anyone who gives extra beyond dues to get a $15 dollar restaurant gift certificate for each extra $100 donation.

In regard to activities on the harbor, a big thanks should go to Meryl Strichartz, who has spear headed new rental equipment thru the Sailing Center and formed a company for Pedicab/Bar tours starting at KYC. We welcome them as a corporate member. She has also taken on digitizing our historic photos, working with the restaurant on promotions and social media, and recently has begun brainstorming with interested members on new activities and fundraising ideas. Again if you are interested in positive new ideas and willing to talk one-on-one or in a Zoom meeting let me or her know –

As always, thank your board members and buy them a drink when you get a chance. (Thanks, Doug)


Ron Otto, Commodore

Ron Otto

Upcoming Events

  • Next KYC Membership Meeting is Wednesday March 3rd @ 7:00pm
    • This will be a video meeting.

  • "Mixed Nuts" meets every Wednesday 3:00pm at the KYC Bar. Come share a story, a drink and some comradery.

Board Members

Commodore Ron Otto
Vice Commodore Deb Strouf
Rear Commodore Joyce Rinehart
Secretary Lee Rosenbaum
Treasurer Eric Routman
Trustee Jim Strouf
Trustee Flori Ventura
Trustee Dan Newman
House Director Jim Pappas
Past Commodore Robert Rinehart


  • Dock & Derrick(Doug Vacarello)
    • Think Spring!

      thanks, Doug

  • Sailboat Racing(John Weiss)
    • It's another snowy Saturday morning looking out over the harbor Kenosha. While Iceboating has been questionable this year my thoughts are starting to turn toward liquid water activities. Our next meeting in preparation for the 2021 season will be on Saturday, March 6th via Zoom. Meeting information will be provided via Groups IO ~ 1 week prior.

      In this meeting will discuss:

      • 2021 Race Calendar
      • Logistics for 2021
      • Volunteer opportunities
      • Some other boring stuff
      • Parties!!!

      Note, our first event will be the May Fools Regatta, 1st Saturday of May. This will also be our season opener party for racers - new and veteran sailors - notice Doug I didn’t say “old” guys, “veteran" was the politically correct word of choice so as not to offend old geezers, probably too old to read this email anyway :)

      Anyway there was a suggestion this week to use the Hartley boats for May Fools Regatta and pair veteran sailors with new sailors. This could be a great way to help the young bloods learn how to race. Maybe the veterans sailors crew and the new sailors drive? Also a great way for new sailors to find crew opportunities for this summer?

      We will discuss further in our meeting and would welcome assistance in organizing a delightful event such as this. In the meantime enjoy the snow and will see you on Zoom or Wednesdays with the mixed nuts crew - ciao!

    • We have aMail Group for KYC sailboat racing
    • To register, go to
      You have to opt-in to this list if you’d like to receive email updates specific to KYC sailboat racing. You can choose to receive individual posts or daily digests, etc. You can also unsubscribe.This Group will provide information on KYC racing topics.


Membership Dues:
We are in membership renewal season and you will be receiving reminders in your email.

Please note if you have a RETIERED Membership and wish to renew, please let Lee know as you will not be able to renew on your
Below are the current membership rates including tax.
  • Full Membership: $390.35
  • Social Membership: $211
  • Retired Membership: $292.76
  • Corporate Membership: $717.40
As always your prompt or early renewal would be most appreciated.



Registration for our 2021 season is open! This season we have new and improved offerings many of which were born out of the challenges COVID presented.

One of the biggest changes is that we are now running the adult sailing courses all summer long, primarily in the harbor on the Rhodes 19s. We used to call upon members to host adult students on their private boats, but we knew that we could not ask that during COVID-19. As it turns out, adults really enjoyed learning in the harbor and we think that the higher visibility may have stimulated interest.

We will offer two beginner’s and three intermediate adult sailing courses in 2021. Each course will be held over five Monday evenings with the first night of class delivered online. Students were frustrated with having to learn basic terminology on the hard. Once they got down to the dock, they really wanted to get on the water (can you blame them?). So, we developed an online curriculum which they can work through at their own pace prior to their first on-the-water class. As these sailors advance and COVID subsides, we hope that you will once again invite them to sail with you. As you know, sailing means being a life-long learner and one never truly grows out of needing a teacher.

Another new offering will be the introduction of family and private lessons. We started offering these courses last year in response to COVID. We thought people in the same household might be interested in learning together. As it turns out, there was interest and now these courses, which are highly individualized, are part of our official line-up. These courses have the added bonus of being able to be scheduled flexibly around a family’s busy schedule.

The other course that we are extremely excited about is our Pod: Racing Course for Experienced Sailors. It was designed for individuals with some sailing experience who want to enter the friendly and competitive world of racing. This course will be taught by Paul Westcott and other experienced racers (if you are interested in helping, please let Paul know). The goal will be to learn how to sail as part of a crew or "pod." It will be held on Sunday afternoons following the Kenosha Yacht Club races.

Class topics and experience will include:
• Use of rigging and boat handling to improve speed, balance, and stability.
• Racing procedures: rules, courses, flags, and other communications.
• Crewing and skippering with various other sailors on a variety of competitive sailboats.
• Racing support roles: starting team, mark observers, infraction analysis, safety, and rescue.

With all of these new and improved course offerings and the large amount of publicity we will receive over our pedal boat rentals, we anticipate tofinish strong.

Rhodes 19

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Good Winds: (by: Joyce Rinehart)


  • We continue to send good wishes to Flori as he continues his recovery.
  • A reminder to all members that our Bar and Restaurant continue to be open this winter. Your support is much appreciated and essential right now.

If you or someone you know of is in need of some Good Winds, please let me know. We do acknowledge celebrations as well as difficult times in our member's lives.Joyce can be reached atgoodwinds@kenoshayachtclub.comor 262-945-9183


Joyce Rinehart

Letter From The Editor


I hope everyone is enjoying the endless snowfalls this month! It has to end sometime, right?
If it gets warm enough we will have to launch our boats just to get around with all the melting that will take place.
Well back to hibernation.

Sailor's Funny:
Distress Signals:
International signals which indicate that a boat is in danger. For example, in American waters: the sudden appearance of lawyers, the pointing of fingers, and repression of memories; in Italian waters: moaning, weeping, and wild gesticulations; in French waters: fistfights, horn blowing, and screamed accusations; in Spanish waters: boasts, taunts, and random gunfire; in Irish waters: rhythmic grunting, the sound of broken glass, and the detonation of small explosive devices; in Japanese waters: shouted apologies, the exchange of calling cards, and minor self-inflected wounds; and in English waters: doffed hats, the burning of toast, and the spilling of tea.

Smooth Sailing -
Lee Rosenbaum