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January Mainsheet 2021

Lee Rosenbaum  | Published on 1/25/2021


Hello to all members, and a warm welcome to new members – Mike and Gale Ashley. It is great to see people still planning for a great spring and summer reopening of our boating season and our related activities at the Club. While the virus is still very rampant, the restaurant is holding its own even with limited seating and corresponding patronage. With our older members (most of us!) looking forward to vaccinations, we hope things pick up in a month or two.


In the meantime, we hope people support the club in whatever ways they feel comfortable.The bar continues to offer wholesale takeout to members and I’m sure will do something special for the Super Bowl even though the Pack’s luck ran out. You still have to appreciate the old (?!) guys doing well. There will be future notice of a dessert and champagne special for Valentine’s and special pre-ordered takeout meals are being looked at, maybe weekly, to get those of you hunkered down thru till spring.


It is imperative that we find ways to put ourselves back on stable financial footing so we can plan proactively for future sustainability. While the Covid relief money and modest dues increase helps, we still need a good year to move forward. With the restaurant facing much uncertainty as to good weather and a return to normalcy, members need to recognize value and support it. I hope that those who were not hurt financially or have benefitted from relief checks would put something extra towards the Club’s future. I know at the Otto’s we have put extra towards charities and will also send a couple of hundred extra over our dues to the club. To reward those who do donate, the club will give a $15 dollar gift certificate for the restaurant for every $100 donated.


While we do have Covid relief dollars on hand this spring, we know we always have cash flow problems during the slow winter months. New members now renew annually from their enrollment date but it would help if we could spread out some of the existing memberships now due in March. If you are willing to pay early, please let Lee Rosenbaum ( or myself know if you’re ok with keeping that date in the future.


Look for notice of a coming attraction to Kenosha that could benefit the club and the sailing center – Pedicab rolling bars that have been successful in other cities – being organized by Meryl Strichartz.Meryl also wants to get started with brainstorming sessions as to how the club can do more fun, exciting things to raise money, get more members, and get more members active. Sign up thru me ( with your contact information. We are looking at starting shortly after another announcement at next member meeting.


Hope to see and hear from more of you. Here’s to a return to (somewhat) more normal times.

Ron Otto, Commodore

Ron Otto

Upcoming Events

  • Next KYC Membership Meeting is Wednesday February 3rd @ 7:00pm
    • This will be a video meeting.

  • "Mixed Nuts" meets every Wednesday 3:00pm at the KYC Bar. Come share a story, a drink and some comradery.

Board Members

Commodore Ron Otto
Vice Commodore Deb Strouf
Rear Commodore Joyce Rinehart
Secretary Lee Rosenbaum
Treasurer Eric Routman
Trustee Jim Strouf
Trustee Flori Ventura
Trustee Dan Newman
House Director Jim Pappas
Past Commodore Robert Rinehart

New Members:
We welcome new members this month:
  • Mike & Gayle Ashley


  • Dock & Derrick(Doug Vacarello)
    • Launching boats in 31/2 months. Get them ready early. It's going to be a great sailing season! Oh, I am talking about ice boating?

      thanks, Doug

  • Sailboat Racing(John Weiss)
    • Not much of a winter so far but there's still a chance for some ice boating. Lake Geneva is still liquid so fingers are crossed that it freezes in the next week and we get a few good weeks of iceboating in!

      For those interested in Americas cup racing, PRADA Cup is underway and proving to be very similar to auto racing with some incredible crashes. On Sunday, January 17 American Magic capsized in spectacular fashion after leading the race -

      In the meantime here is the tentative race schedule for 2021:

      Proposed 2021 KYC Race Calendar

      14 Thursday Races Possible
      13 Sunday Races Possible

      • 5/27 - Practice Race (practice starts that may include a few Jack Rabbit starts followed by a short race)
      • 5/30 - 1st Sunday Race ??
      • 6/3 - 1st Thursday Race - new crew introduction, find a boat (KCSC) - PHRF boats go to KYC??
      • 6/6 - Sunday Race (if racing is in afternoon due to Blessing of Fleet ???)
      • 6/10 - Thursday Race
      • 6/11 to 13 - Chicago NOODS
      • 6/13 - Sunday Race
      • 6/17 - Thursday Race
      • 6/20 - Sunday Race (kids make their Father’s happy by sailing with him - JD & Blaise)
      • 6/24 - Thursday Race
      • 6/25 - Queen’s Cup (Southshore Yacht Club)
      • 6/27 - No Race - cancel for Queen’s Cup??
      • 7/1 - Thursday Race
      • 7/4 - No Race - 4th of July holiday
      • 7/8 - Thursday Race
      • 7/11 - Sunday Race
      • 7/15 - Thursday Race
      • 7/17-19 - The Mac Race
      • 7/18 - Sunday Race
      • 7/22 - Thursday Race
      • 7/25 - No Racing - cancel for Hook
      • 7/29 - No Racing - cancel for Hook
      • 8/1 - Sunday Race
      • 8/5 - Thursday Race
      • ??? - Chicago VERVE Cup
      • 8/8 - Sunday Race
      • 8/12 - Thursday Race (move start to 6pm)
      • 8/15 - Sunday Race
      • 8/19 - Thursday Race / Almost Full Moon Race
      • 8/22 - Sunday Race
      • 8/26 - Thursday Race
      • 8/29 - Sunday Race
      • 9/2 - Thursday Race
      • 9/5 - Sunday Race (are we racing on Labor Day??)
      • 9/9 - Last Thursday Race
      • 9/12 - Last Sunday Race (buoys come out after this race, weather depending)
      • 9/19 - Fun race - to GPS location??
      • 9/24 - Feeder from Kenosha to Waukegan for “Last Race Race”?
      • 9/25 - Last Race Race (from Waukegan to Kenosha)

    • We have aMail Group for KYC sailboat racing
    • To register, go to
      You have to opt-in to this list if you’d like to receive email updates specific to KYC sailboat racing. You can choose to receive individual posts or daily digests, etc. You can also unsubscribe.This Group will provide information on KYC racing topics.


Membership Dues:
We are approaching membership renewal season and you will be receiving reminders in your email as the date gets closer.
The board has made some small adjustments to the dues for this year. Thebolditems below are updated:
  • Full Membership: $390.35 ($370+ Tax)
  • Social Membership: $211 ($200+ Tax)
  • Retired Membership: $292.76 ($277.50+ Tax)
  • Corporate Membership: $717.40 ($680+ Tax)
As always your prompt or early renewal would be most appreciated.


Winter is always a busy time for our board which is why we are so excited to have some help. Christine Clouse has been very involved with the youth sailing program, first as a volunteer and then as an instructor this past season. Now she is taking an active role advising our board by providing a parent’s perspective. She is also taking a leadership role in providing badge classes and/or programs for the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

We are also excited about the addition of Louie Arecco to our board. Louie took the adult sailing class this year and he and his wife are passionate about sailing. If his name sounds familiar to you, it’s because he is an active community member and owns Anytime Fitness in downtown Kenosha. We are looking forward to his business acumen and entrepreneurial ideas as we continue to grow our fee for service operations.

We are also thrilled to have Paul Peterson back as our financial expert serving as our Treasurer. In season, Paul can often be found sailing or working on Senior Moments. He is very friendly and we value him greatly. Please be sure to say hi to him when you see him on the dock because you never know when you are going to need someone to jump in the water and untangle your line from the propeller!

Our existing hard-working board members include: Jim Buck (President), Bob Spitz (Vice-President), Art Noel (Secretary), John Gransee, Ericka Bernhardt, Paul Westcott, and Meryl Strichartz. We are also blessed with the support of Betty Westcott as the Youth Sailing Program Director and Cris Oglesby who is helping us with community relations.

Valentine 2021

Pedal Tours 1
Pedal Tours 2

James Haude Ad

Stearns Ad Jan 2021

Son of a Sailor

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Good Winds: (by: Joyce Rinehart)


  • We send out warm wishes for healing and hope to all who have family and friends who have been touched by the Covid virus. Stay strong and stay safe.
  • We sent our wishes for continued healing to our Trustee, Flori Ventura. We are thinking of you in these days.
  • Our thoughts go out to the family of long-time past member, Dick Lawrence, who passed away on January 10th. Obituary information can be found
  • We send our wishes for continued healing to Ralph Ruffolo following hip replacement surgery. Heal well Ralph.
  • A reminder to all members that our Bar and Restaurant continue to be open this winter. Your support is much appreciated and essential right now.

If you or someone you know of is in need of some Good Winds, please let me know. We do acknowledge celebrations as well as difficult times in our member's lives.Joyce can be reached atgoodwinds@kenoshayachtclub.comor 262-945-9183


Joyce Rinehart

Letter From The Editor


I hope everyone had aHealthy, Happy and Safe holiday season and New Year!
As I write this a winter storm is heading our way promising to dump over 5" of that white stuff (and it ain't powdered sugarfor your waffles). I can't wait till spring gets here.
For those of you planning to race the Hook this year, a new requirement is a satellitetracker.
"All yachts must carry on board a SPOT Tracker, InReach or Garmin that must be on to be tracked. Tracking information must be provided to the organizing authority at or before check-in. Yachts must keep tracker active for the entirety of the race."
Well back to hibernation.

Sailor's Funny:
I told my wife how thankful I was to have someone I enjoyed being quarantined with. She said, "Must be nice."
Smooth Sailing -
Lee Rosenbaum