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November Mainsheet 2020

 | Published on 11/30/2020


Season’s Greetings to All.

It’s been hard to imagine that we are into the Xmas season – the weather has been great for most of November. I hope you and your families have enjoyed this and at least reconnected somehow for Thanksgiving.December promises to be more “seasonal” and unfortunately coincides with a large spike in the Covid numbers. Obviously, this has hurt the restaurant business and the board and galley committee have resolved to cut losses to the minimum while maintaining our commitment to use our relief money to keep minimal staff employed. We don’t want to start from scratch when vaccines and/or spring get us going again.

Our always great Christmas party has been put on hold and any large gatherings are precluded for the next few months. We hope they can be reimagined as a season opening gala when feasible. The bar has been open and still offers a limited menu. We do have room to stay under limits and social distance plus some heaters for nicer days on the deck.

Thanks to all who worked on decorating inside and out – the place looks good and just in time to match the cities holiday lighting. Also again this year we have had very good response to our Christmas Charities collaboration with member Karl Erickson’s ELCA Urban Outreach. The need is certainly there and members have been very generous.

I hope as many as possible can make the virtual December member meeting as we deal with current finances, a budget for next year, and proposed By-law changes as well as our usual committee reports. Remember attending a meeting counts as an hour towards your membership service requirement which we do on the honor system – there is an entry to report this on our website.

Hope to see or hear from you all – lets all pull together and support the mission of the club and get us thru to better times.

Happy Holidays.

Ron Otto, Commodore

Ron Otto

Upcoming Events

  • Next KYC Membership Meeting is Wednesday December 2nd @ 7:00pm
    • This will be a video meeting.

Board Members

Commodore Ron Otto
Vice Commodore Deb Strouf
Rear Commodore Joyce Rinehart
Secretary Lee Rosenbaum
Treasurer Eric Routman
Trustee Jim Strouf
Trustee Flori Ventura
Trustee Dan Newman
House Director Jim Pappas
Past Commodore Robert Rinehart

Welcome New Members
- Steve Daigle


  • Dock & Derrick(Doug Vacarello)
    • With the high winds we have had it would be wise to come to KYC and check how your cover is doing on your boat. Some are loose and others have some damage. Come down when the club is open and spend some money.

      thanks, Doug

  • Sailboat Racing(John Weiss)
    • As we look to the holidays and see visions of COVID vaccines dance in our heads, I think we can be optimistic for a better 2021. By the time you read this, you will have had your socially distant Thanksgiving and we will have scheduled our “Post 2020 Race Season” meeting and begin plans for the 2021 race season. I can tell you, summer 2021 can’t come quick enough but in the meantime, here are a few things you can do to speed up the time:

      Wednesday Mixed Nuts- hopefully this will continue through the winter. I’ll try to attend a few and make sure the BS that I sling has exaggerated sufficiently to meet the other BSers :)
      Iceboating- there will be ice this winter. To know what going on, you can get updates at
      Vendee Globe Virtual Regatta- I think you can still join mid-race. There are several KYC racers participating.

      I’m thankful that we have such a great yacht club with awesome members. My holiday wish for all KYC sailors/boaters is for you to be safe, get through the offseason and we’ll see you on the water soon!!

    • We have aMail Group for KYC sailboat racing
    • To register, go to
      You have to opt-in to this list if you’d like to receive email updates specific to KYC sailboat racing. You can choose to receive individual posts or daily digests, etc. You can also unsubscribe.This Group will provide information on KYC racing topics.


KSCS Fall News

As we move into December, our focus is changing. We are busy wrapping up 2020 and charting our course for 2021. We are proud to announce that the youth sailing classes are now available online and the adults and specialty classes will follow shortly. We have been meeting weekly to hammer out the schedule and will start promoting gift cards and early registration soon. As members of the Kenosha Yacht Club, you are entitled to a 10% discount and can use the promo code KYC10 during check out. Please consider purchasing gifts through us to keep the sport of sailing alive in Kenosha and to share your love of the lake.

We are also in the final stages of developing a corporate sponsorship campaign. We have been working with Westwords Consulting, a marketing agency in Pleasant Prairie and will begin to approach businesses for support. If you work for or are the owner of a business who would consider sponsoring us, please reach out to Cris Oglesby at Cris will be spearheading the campaign. Even if you are unsure if your company would be interested, please forward us your company’s marketing, public relations, or owner’s contact information, so we can give them a call or send some literature. Promotional packages start at $500 and reach a high of $25,000 for a new safety boat. Each sponsorship package includes high visibility brand recognition and fun experiences with us.

We are also happy to announce that pedal boats have been ordered to expand our rental fleet. We anticipate a huge amount of press coverage when these boats arrive this spring. As we have reported previously, the kayaks and paddleboard rentals were well received, but the pedal boats have an even wider appeal and will attract even more families. This past summer we used an online booking system that sends registrants a BOGO (Buy One Get One) free drink at the KYC with their rental confirmation. We will continue in 2021 to work with the restaurant to create more of these crossover opportunities.

From the Events Committee

Thank you to all who are generously participating in the Christmas charity with Urban Outreach. We will be supplying gifts for 48 children. Please return your gifts by 12/12. Bring them in or see the gifts the Elf purchased on your behalf. Come in between 4 and 6pm, Friday 12/11 or Noon and 2pm, Saturday 12/12 you will receive a ticket for a drink compliments of the Commodore.

The Club is decorated for the holiday season. Come enjoy the festive setting. Thanks go out to Doug and Martia and Ron and Kathy for putting up the decorations.

James Haude Ad

Stearns Boating Nov 2020

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Good Winds: (by: Joyce Rinehart)


  • We send out warm wishes for healing and hope to all who have family and friends who have been touched by the Covid virus. Stay strong and stay safe.

If you or someone you know of is in need of some Good Winds, please let me know. We do acknowledge celebrations as well as difficult times in our member's lives.Joyce can be reached atgoodwinds@kenoshayachtclub.comor 262-945-9183


Joyce Rinehart

Letter From The Editor


Boating season is defiantlyover. The colder weather is setting in.
Now starts the long hibernationseason.
Some members escape South to warmer climates.
Some are looking forward to the lakes freezing over so they can get their iceboats out.
Some just uncork another bottle and turn up the dial on the electric blanket.
Everyone has their own way of copingwith the off season.
As you all know we are now in the slow time for the restaurant & bar, so please patronize it as you are able.

Sailor's Funny:
As some of you know, Jim & Kathy have a new dog (Ida).
She is getting used to her new home and life around the waterfront.
Looking at the pictures you can just imangine what she is thinking:
Picture #1: JIM: Hey, I have this great boat you will just love going out sailing on.
Picture #2: IDA: Hey, you said you had a boat. Did it sink or something?
Ida the Dog 2
Smooth Sailing -
Lee Rosenbaum