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September Mainsheet 2020

 | Published on 10/1/2020


Greetings fellow members:

This newsletter and the next member meeting are important for several reasons. We have had a relatively successful summer season considering all the turmoil and uncertainty. We received government help and were able to keep the restaurant open and workers employed. The restaurant did make some money and we were able to pay down debts and pay ahead some major expenses like insurance. The weather was mostly good and we had a successful racing season - good showings in the Hook and finishing with the traditional WYC race to Kenosha where Pat Perlman’s Buc Derailer was first followed by Jim Papas and crew on Joan Claire. Now we need to plan for surviving the winter.

The recent unrest in the city and the close of the boating season has hit the restaurant hard like many others locally. We have purchased some heaters to extend our outside seating season as that was a major asset dealing with the pandemic. Manager Jen Miller and the galley committee are being resourceful and creative to keep attracting public, members, and events. Please understand when outside events take over some of our space and do what you can to continue to patronize your club. We hope to again have the cribbage league in some form and still practice good social distancing.

We have had no additional nominations for the board which comes up for the traditional 2nd year renewal other than the switch in House chairman so there will be a de facto acceptance at the October meeting. Thank you to Doug V. and his nominating committee for their work and a big thank you to the board and officers for being willing to serve again despite the extra work and frustration they must deal with. And thank you to the membership for their trust and support to carry on the proud traditions of the KYC and KCSC. Of course, the main consideration is still financial – needing to make sure the rest of this year’s finances are sound, putting together a budget for 2021, and try to get the club out of its extreme austerity mode and invest in the future.Things like more professional financial help, marketing, branding and signage, attracting and retaining members, and maintain and updating infrastructure are now more important than ever.

We are definitely in fall mode with the hauling of boats beginning this Sat. Oct.3 !! We are in a bit of a shortfall as we lost some boating members and/or their boats so there is room on the dock. Consider storing with us if you are not currently – the cost is still much cheaper than most marinas even with the new sq. ft. fee structure. I hope you all will continue to enjoy boating with the remaining boats as the season ends and continue to value the common interests, cooperation, and comradery of the club and enjoy the remaining great weather at the club and restaurant.

We had suggestions at the last meeting to try to have monthly events that can be done in a safe fashion. I hope you will support that to get us thru the winter. Premier events that we are struggling with are the November installation dinner and the Holiday/Christmas party, both very popular and well attended .. and beneficial to the restaurant and local charities. I hope we can continue these great events in some modified form so stay tuned. Continued wishes for all to stay well and remain positive and hope that the KYC adds some normalcy to your lives.

Ron Otto, Commodore

Ron Otto

Upcoming Events

  • Next KYC Membership Meeting is Wednesday October 7th @ 7:00pm
    • This will be a video meeting.
  • Voting in of the KYC Board: at our Oct 7 membership meeting

Board Members

Commodore Ron Otto
Vice Commodore Deb Strouf
Rear Commodore Joyce Rinehart
Secretary Lee Rosenbaum
Treasurer Eric Routman
Trustee Jack Ciesemier
Trustee Flori Ventura
Trustee Dan Newman
House Director Jim Strouf
Past Commodore Robert Rinehart

Welcome New Members
- Jean Grueter
- Thomas Niccolai
- Irena Friedgan
- Mark Friedgan
- Adriana Raicu
- Eugene Moiescu


  • Dock & Derrick(Doug Vacarello)
    • Boat haul-out starts this Saturday October 3 at 8:30am. This will continue each Saturday in October.
    • Come help out if you can: Remember to wear protective shoes, gloves and a mask.

      thanks, Doug

  • Sailboat Racing(John Weiss)
    • Wow, 2020 has to be a year that will live in infamy. Who knew that “sailing” was a socially distant sport?? But wait, there’s more!

      The old saying “aside from the shooting Mrs Lincoln, how was the play?”. In our case, “aside from the riots, how was the sailing season?”

      I can say it was a great season and definitely allowed me to get a break from a brutal year. Weather was good, Race Committee was great, fleet was best in years, and I’m bummed that the season is over. In the words of Herman Wolk, we don’t want to Carnival to stop! But the fond memories of 2020 KYC racing will give us plenty to look forward to in 2021!

      Special thanks to Chad, Lee, Pete and every volunteer that made 2020 a great sailing season for KYC. Congratulations to our winners and everyone that crossed the starting line!

      Thursday Series PHRF (NHC scoring)
      1. Kookaburra
      2. Joan Claire
      3. Takedown-2

      Thursday Series Buccaneer (NHC scoring)
      1. Samantha
      2. Atrevida
      3. Derailer

      Sunday Series PHRF (NHC scoring)
      1. Kookaburra
      2. Takedown-2
      3. Bon Temps

      Sunday Series Buccaneer (NHC scoring)
      1. Blind Squirrel
      2. Derailer
      3. Samantha

    • Current race schedule is posted -Events

    • We have aNEWMail Group for KYC sailboat racing
    • To register, go to
      You have to opt-in to this list if you’d like to receive email updates specific to KYC sailboat racing. You can choose to receive individual posts or daily digests, etc. You can also unsubscribe.This Group will provide information on KYC racing topics.

      See you on the water!


KCSC Party 3




This month we hosted a birthday sailing party and everyone had a great time. According to mom, Kim L.,

“The boys loved it and even learned a thing or two (and so did the adults!). It was so great to see the smiles on the boys’ faces and hear their laughter. It will be an experience they will never forget.”

Next year, we will start to offer and market sailing, kayak and paddleboarding party packages.

We are also planning on hosting an end of the year dock party for our 2020 adult and family students next week, if the weather holds out. We are so proud of the number of adults that we were able to teach this year. Looking ahead, we are hopeful that we will be able to run more adult classes next year.

Lastly, we have a new volunteer working with us and she wants to pass out information about our youth and family classes along with a piece of candy at Trick-or-Treating this year. (Yes, Kenosha is still allowing Trick-or-Treating). If you are interested in passing out an informational card and candy in your neighborhood, please e-mail Cris directly, so we are sure to order enough cards and candy.

KCSC Party 1
KCSC Party 2

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Good Winds: (by: Joyce Rinehart)


  • We send out warm wishes for healing and hope to all who have family and friends who have been touched by the Covid virus. Stay strong and stay safe.
  • We sent our thoughts and wishes to Jack Ciesemier as he continues to struggle with health issues and cataract surgeries. Heal well Jack! We miss you.
  • We send Rita LaPoint well wishes. We think of you often and miss you around the club.
  • Wishes for safety for all who will be pulling boats soon as the boating season comes to an end.
  • Hope everyone is enjoying these beautiful last days of the season!
  • We celebrate the great weather we have had for the past few weeks that brought students to the KCSC and customers to the restaurant and bar!

If you or someone you know of is in need of some Good Winds, please let me know. We do acknowledge celebrations as well as difficult times in our member's lives.Joyce can be reached atgoodwinds@kenoshayachtclub.comor 262-945-9183


Joyce Rinehart

Letter From The Editor


Hope this newsletter finds you healthy. We are not on the other side of this pandemic yet. Thus, we must all keep our guard up and our masks on as it still will be a long time till we see a vaccine. Don't let complacency get you sick.
Voting has started for president. So do your patriotic duty and get out there and vote. You can't complain about the results if you don't vote (that's a rule). :)
OK, now back to boating topics:
We are in the final month of boating season. Get out there and enjoy before it's too late and your stuck in your house with only the dreams of warm winds.
Boats do start coming out of the water this Saturday and each Saturday in October, starting at 8:30am. We always welcome help from anyone that can, so come down and lend a hand.

Sailor's Funny: Well how about some pandemic humor

1)This pandemic can end only four ways. You'll come out a monk, a hunk, a chunk, or a drunk. Choose wisely!

2)Now that I've lived through an actual plague, I totally understand why Italian Renaissance paintings are full of naked fat people laying on couches.
Smooth Sailing -
Lee Rosenbaum